JACQUELINE Pump Low Heel Red


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Anywhere, any time, low heel shoes by Di Minno are the perfect companion for busy women. Di Minno’s Jacqueline pumps are ideal when you don’t need a super high heel but want a little lift. Di Minno Jacqueline pumps are inspired by one of the most stylish, iconic women of our time. As understated as it is elegant, just like you! The softest velvet, the smoothest leather lining that covers the entire inside of the shoe, and a slightly lifted toe all make Di Minno shoes very wearable. Di Minno places the low heel right under your heel for the best support. Choose low heel shoes for a day out, or transition from work to play. In fact, you can wear Di Minno low heel shoes any time, anywhere, anyway: with leggings or jeans for a casual look, during weekends, or if you just want to look polished without being too formal.