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Heel height

100 mm

Di Minno’s Diva jacquard shoes are an explosion of colors in electric blue, cherry, mustard! These pumps for women highlighting beautiful jacquard fabric come with Di Minno’s signature sculptural heel in gold. If you are looking for jacquard style shoes with all the glamor and height of a high heel, then these Divas with their expertly sculpted heel are it. Di Minno’s Italian craftsmanship sublimates the shape of these pumps for women, which have a full leather lining for comfort. What’s more is that the creative details have turned some of your most beloved designs into new icons. Diva pumps are colorful yet sleek. They can be dressed down for any time of the day, or dressed up for those special occasions, from after-work drinks or a little shopping (for more shoes!) to parties and celebrations.