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    Bridal Shoes

    Say yes to Di Minno hymeneal shoes

    Find the perfect wedding shoes at Di Minno. Are you the bride, the bridesmaid, the mom of the bride, or a friend attending the reception party? These bridal shoes have something for everyone. “To have and to wear”, our collections include wedding and bridesmaid shoes, from the signature sculpted heel that boasts both style and support, to precious materials like silk satin and beautiful crystals. The Aimee Bridal Dorsey Pump, Bayley Bride Sandal, Jacqueline Pump Low Heel – these designer shoes are the icing on the (wedding!) cake. We offer you sophisticated design and time-honored Italian craftsmanship. From the moment you walk down the aisle, to the last dance of the reception party, you will not want to part with these wedding shoes that complete your look!

    What’s more, is that you can truly stand out from the crowd with Di Minno shoes. A bride knows the right heel can make all the difference. Not only do we use the best materials, but also feature an expertly crafted heel that makes you stand out ​and stand tall. 5.5 cm, 10 cm, up, up, and away!

    Our designs for the bride can be as show-stopping or as discreet as you want them to be: with an elegant silver low heel and crystal charm, or with a spectacular golden high heel, emerald-cut crystals, flower appliqués and more. Our designs are perfect no matter what style your dress is or how formal (or informal) your wedding might be. Whichever you choose, do keep an eye on the weather forecast!

    The perfect wedding shoes for brides

    Why settle for just an ordinary pair of high heel shoes, when you can have Di Minno, the best made in Italy bridal shoes? A wedding is as much about shopping for the dress as it is about the shoes. Weddings are the number one party and definitely a special occasion to dress up and impress! We promise the best of all worlds: Italian craftsmanship and artistry, on one hand, exclusivity and creativity on the other. Choose from only the best styles and quality that is synonymous with Italian footwear.

    In the olden days, a father used to give away his daughter by presenting her shoes to the groom. As the practice faded, newlyweds began to tie the bride’s shoes to car bumpers as they drove off to their honeymoon. But why stick to old customs and ruin perfectly good shoes, when you can indulge in a pair of our luxurious wedding shoes that you can keep and cherish for a long time to come?